A simple PHP online scheduling system for small businesses

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A simple online work schedule poster for small businesses where schedules are typically made using spreadsheets.


I'm not a professional programmer. This is a work in progress. I make no claims whatsoever regarding this software's quality. Security is important to me but I am not very good at it. If you are then please help by making this software better.

This is my first serious project that I've put out into the world so please be kind and helpful with your criticisms.

Also I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole git/github thing, so please be patient as I learn how to properly push, pull and commit.

The Problem

You are a manager of a small restaurant responsible for making and posting the schedule for your employees.

You use a spreadsheet to make the schedule. Then you print it and post it in the employee area for all to view.

Employees will often call you to ask when they are working (this is annoying)

Or they do not see the schedule and don't show up for their shifts (also annoying)

You may have tried to group text a picture of the schedule to them. Managing everyone's changing phone numbers is also very annoying.

The Solution

With KmSchedule you still use your familiar spreadsheet program to make quick and easy edits to the schedule.

Select all the information and copy it.

Then you navigate to your company's website schedule section ie. http://www.yourcompany.com/schedule

Click on upload, copy the schedule from your spreadsheet and paste it.

Then click Preview to make sure it looks ok.

Enter the date in the date field, and your admin password in the password field and click save.

That's it. Your done!

When your employees visit http://www.yourcompany.com/schedule after entering the correct viewing password they should see the latest schedule.

You can also print a black and white version from the print link in the "Past schedules" section for safekeeping.


KmSchedule has been tested using the following. While it should work with other web servers I haven't tested them.

  • Apache
  • php

Before you begin. You should know how to:


Download the latest release from the repository http://git.kolomona.com/Kolomona/KmSchedule/releases

Decompress it on your local computer.

Create a schedule directory on your website at www.yoursite.com/schedule

Create a kmSchedule folder outside of your webroot

upload the decompressed files to the www.yoursite.com/schedule directory of your web server.

With your web browser navigate to http://www.yoursite.com/schedule

The setup page should appear.

Fill in the required information.

Click save.

That should be all that's needed!